Creative Tuesdays


Due to Covid this activity is temporarily suspended. Creative Tuesdays Location Key Largo Public Library Community Room On Tuesdays at the Key Largo Library, spend an informal creative afternoon with fellow artists to connect in a supportive environment to inspire, rejuvenate, and encourage artistic growth. Non-members are welcome to join in

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Plein Air


Plein Air For 2020-2021 Season, we are intending to organize Plein Air painting and will be advising members of locations when they are scheduled. Many Guild members enjoy painting outdoors or “en plein air”. We find unique locations for our members to paint outdoors throughout the Upper Florida Keys usually on Wednesday or Thursday.

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AGPI Instructor Workshops


Monday Mini Tutorials We are very please that we are able to offer our members some learning opportunities with our new MONDAY MINI TUTORIALS – Free ZOOM meeting presentations and discussions. January 11, 2021 1:00 pm EST PASTEL: Taking a look at the pastel techniques used by Master Pastel Artist Alain Picard. For more

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Invited Instructor Workshops


Invited Instructor Workshops We are pleased to be able to offer an online learning opportunity for our members to attend the New Orleans Drawing Group (NODG) via Zoom. Starting Thursday January 7, 2021 AGPI members will be able to participate in a Live model figure drawing group!Login to the Members Only page for more details.

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