AGPI Art Walk Booth


AGPI Art Walk Booth The Morada Way Art Walk is a year-round, once-a-month showcase of art vendors with entertainment and food established in 2011. AGPI will have a booth at the show during the AGPI season, November through April. Each month, different selected AGPI members will exhibit and sell their own artwork. Morada Way Art

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Photography Club


Photography Club The Photography Club generally meets the third Thursday of each month. Contact Greg at to be placed on the mailing list for updates.

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Figure Drawing


Figure Drawing During these 2-hour sessions, members enjoy practicing drawing the clothed human form. Each session consists of a series of 3-minute warm up poses to draw, followed by 15 minutes poses, and ending with a longer pose that is conducive to adding detail to the larger form or practicing a portrait. There is no

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Plein Air


Plein Air Every season, AGPI organizes Plein Air painting once a week and advises members of locations when they are scheduled. Many Guild members enjoy painting outdoors or “en plein air”. We find unique locations for our members to paint outdoors throughout the Upper Florida Keys usually on Wednesday or Thursday. Please note that

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Member Instructor Workshops


Member Instructor Workshops 2023-24 Season Tutorials information to follow.

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Invited Instructor Workshops


Invited Instructor Workshops Art Becker “Creating Unique Imagery Adventures in Islamorada” One Day Workshop: January 22, 2024 You will learn how to see light and composition. Create unique images using various angles with each subject you photograph. Art will teach you to emphasize overlooked details that make a difference in

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Motivational Monday Mini Tutorials


Motivational Monday Mini Tutorials MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – MINI TUTORIAL ZOOM MEETING Monday November 13, 2023, Time: 1:00 pm EST Tutorial Presenter:  Gisela Llorens       Topic: Painting Vibrant & Luminous Clouds in Soft Pastel Have you ever been challenged when painting clouds in a landscape?  Pastel artists, here are two exciting videos on how to paint colorful and vibrant

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